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It's almost impossible for victims and survivors of sexual violence to access the broad range of complex healing they need. 

I started Reluctant Heroines to solve that problem. 

Women speak to me every day about how hard it is to cope with the trauma resulting from sexual violence. This is why I offer 

Work With Me

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both long term and short term programmes that provide healing cocoons for women and support for people who want to end rape culture. I really struggled to find the proper support after disclosing and I don't want women coming after me to go through that. 

How I Can Help

Healing School is for women who are ready to free themselves from the cage that is sexual violence trauma. 


Because I understand that healing from sexual violence can be a long ride Healing School gives you an entire year of support. Within its safe metaphorical walls, you will be part of a community with access to course materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with two live support sessions a month. 

You are in control and lead your journey at a pace that feels good to you. 



One to One  Mentoring

Because everyone's healing journey is different, one-on-one mentoring is for women who want profound, meaningful changes in a private and personal setting.

Over three months, I will guide you to the milestones you want to reach in your healing journey by gently being a light in the darkness and metaphorically standing with you side by side, helping you face your personal barriers to healing.  

Supporting Victims and Survivors In Your Community 

This three-hour live training package is for friends, family members, businesses, HR departments and health care professionals that want to understand the complexities of sexual violence trauma.

The training gives you the knowledge and understanding on how to support the women and girls in your life that have been subjected to sexual violence and how to make positive changes in ending rape culture. 

Healing School

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