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Sexual Violence Awareness Workshops

Violence against women awareness is increasing, and so it should be. The World Health Organisation reported in March 2021 that 1 in 3 women have been or will be subjected to sexual violence. 2021 saw the highest number of sexual violence cases reported in the UK.   

Sexual Violence Awareness Workshops are for progressive businesses, organisations, leaders and communities who want to understand how to support victims and survivors by exploring the complexities of sexual violence trauma,  institutional rape culture, and violence against women.

I know this is a challenging subject to discuss, but I will help you get it right. With my training, you will gain insight, empathy and understanding about how to help victims and survivors in practical,  meaningful and trauma-informed ways. 

What You Can Expect From Me

My aim is simple, to share my expertise with you and you’re colleges in the complexities of sexual violence trauma and how to support both your colleges and the women you work with on a broader level. I can help you;

  • Know and understand what to do when a woman discloses an incident or incidents of sexual violence. 


  • Create better connections and understanding with clients and colleges who may have been subjected to sexual violence. 


  • Enable you to understand and identify any privileges you may have as a person who hasn’t faced sexual violence enabling you to build a fully inclusive and forward-thinking business. 


  • Identify and help women who may be suffering from undiagnosed trauma.


  • Become a business that acts as an ally to sexual violence victims/survivors with a greater understanding of the barriers they face and how trauma affects participation.


  • Enable you to support those subjected to sexual violence to gain better business outcomes and higher and more consistent engagement within your business relationship, communities and friends. 

This kind of training reaches further than the workplace. This kind of knowledge will make you a better friend, partner, husband, wife, sister, brother, son, daughter and general human being.


This is the stuff everybody should learn. 

How It Works

Sexual Violence Awareness Training is a live 2-hour online workshop.  Because of the nature of the subject, the workshop includes regular check-ins and encourages participants to interact.

Then you'll get

  • A month of check-in support via email and text (sent weekly). 

  • Individual email and text support for participants wanting to discuss anything that came up for them. 

Your Investment

The investment for this programme is £1000.00.


A Bit About Me

My name is Leanna. I live in Essex. I am surprisingly good with indoor plants, and I think I might have lizard blood because I absolutely can not stand the cold. In March 2019, my life changed; I reported 4 cases of severe sexual violence.  Since then, I have been on a bit of a journey, as you can imagine, and learnt A Lot. Part of those learnings are how sexual violence is still a subject brushed under the carpet, either purposely or

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unintentionally. Over the past two years, I noticed a massive gap between what victims and survivors really need and the reality. So in October 2020, I launched both short and long term support programmes for women. I bring energy and experience to the field of sexual violence trauma with my very own brand of love and kindness.  Together we make what seemingly feels impossible; ending rape culture, possible.  

How Others Have Benefited From Working With Me

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