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Anger, Rage and Fury After Rape.

I’m angry today, I’m really fucking mad. Some days something will happen that will strike a match in me and I. Would. Happily. Burn. Something. I. Hate. To. The. Floor.

Today’s rage is being served up to arseholes who deserve a plate of ‘Watch Out Leanna’s Coming’.

First on my list;

The parents that didn’t teach us about consent, sex or who owns the rights to our bodies. Thanks to those parents (that we mostly still try to maintain relationships with), you have raised a generation of humans that are already halfway groomed for every sexual predator out there - thanks mum and dad 👏🏻. Thanks to their ineptitude, laziness and irresponsibility there are humans walking around with complex trauma that they will be traveling with for the rest of their lives. Great job arseholes. I only wish we are just as accommodating when it comes to your care when you are vulnerable.

Second on my list;

Rapists. Oooooh, this is a good one. If capital punishment were a world wide thing and matriarchy held the rains, do you think men would get away with rape? Do you think if we had a world wide cull there would be many men left?. Hands up, if Covid could just infect rapists and sexual abusers, and I mean Every Single One, would we want a vaccine?. I vote no. To the child groomers, the men who go after girls in senior school (yes you’re a paedophile too), the sex traffickers, the men who visit poorer or less developed countries than their own to buy blowjobs and sex from children, the paedophile rings, the people in high positions of authority and finical wealth who do what they like without fear and full protection. To the boyfriends, fiancé’s, husbands, babysitters, family members, strangers, colleges and acquaintances who have sex with us when we don’t want it. I want you to know that I dream of world where no one of your sexual preferences exists. And I’m pretty liberal, so that’s saying something.

Third on my list;

Rape Culture, why the fuck is deemed acceptable to still have rape included in programmes which are categized as comedies? What about being raped is comedic? Why the fuck do people watch this type of shit and not blink or question it?. I mean COME ON, we know rape isn’t good, it’s against the law for fuck sake, so why isn’t it stopping?. Let me tell you why, because we (the collective we) make rape acceptable, “just one of those things that happen”. We don’t report it, we allow it to be portrayed under the guise “entertainment”. We don’t consistently and unequivocally hold the patriarchy responsible in its control and mistreatment of everything it touches. We don’t hold rapists accountable. We don’t acknowledge the life altering impact that rape has on people. We expect victims and survivors to “just get on with it”, to not fall apart and if you do, don’t do it for too long and don’t make it an inconvenience for anyone. Rape culture is asking us to take all the intimidation, humiliation, neglect and betrayal and “just get on with it”. Don’t expect too much of the justice system, work really hard to be believed, don’t be a strain on society, take these tablets, don’t talk about it, don’t talk to each other about it, don’t teach your children about it and don’t, whatever you do, expect help to be equal to the number of rapes that happen.

I can 100% guarantee that there are men still walking around in the UK who believe that they have a right to sex. That sex for them is a need, and as need, they deserve it. Are we going to look back in 100 years and victims and survivors will still be talking about the same shit.

For Fuck Sake!!!!. To all the men that have told me “I can’t help myself”, guess what I’ve got some advice for you. ‘Fucking TRY A BIT HARDER!’

Are you with me still dear darling survivor and victim?

I don’t want to scare YOU with my fire. If this is too much I beg you to take agency for yourself and step aside and let me through. It’s not you that I am angry with or you that I want to scare. I however am in no way scared of my raging anger. I don’t even care what people think of it and do you know why, because angering diminishes fear and shame and I am no longer willing to turn my anger inward and blame and shame myself.

Our ability to say no was extinguished through malignant humans and I have frenziedly cut off their power supply and this storm is the yin to the yang. I am awakening my lost instinct of defending myself against unjust attacks. I inhabit an adult body and I can now defend myself.

My fury is perfectly lasered at those people who have maltreated us and you know what, I think it's deserved.

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