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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Best Value

    Healing School

    Every month
    Teaching you how to heal from sexual violence.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Course Material
    • Live Workshops
    • Live Classes
    • Support Community
    • Hot Seat Mentoring
  • 1:1 Mentoring

    Every month
    Reclaiming Selfworth After Sexual Violence
    Valid for 3 months
    • Understand how undiagnosed truama is still impacting you.
    • Learn how to finally see and feel your worth.
    • Work in a way that fits around you
    • Learn from someone who understands sexual violence trauma.
    • Overcome feelings of not being good enough.
    • Process truama safely in caring and safe survivor led space
  • Healing Monthly Plan

    Every month
    The school everyone should be enrolled on when they disclose
    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited Access To Course Materials
    • Safe and Loving Community
    • Start Having a Healthy Relationship With Pleasure and Joy.
    • Improve Your mental and Emotional Health
    • Install Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationships
    • Recognising and Honour Your Self-Worth
    • Heal the Damage Caused by Childhood Trauma
    • Understand What you Really Want and Your Power to Get It
    • Unveil the Systems and Frameworks That Support Rape Culture
    • Feel Safer and Confident About Sex and Intimacy
    • Create a Life That Feels Right to YOU
    • Learn How to Treat Yourself With Compassion and Kindness
    • Identify How Sexual Violence Changed You
    • Learn How Sexual Violence May Still Be Impacting You
    • Lay the Blame and Shame Where It Really Belongs
  • 1:1 Mentoring

    Supporting Your Healing From Sexual Violence.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Three months 1:1 Support
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