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One to One Mentoring

Because everyone's healing journey is different, one-on-one mentoring is for women who want profound, meaningful changes in a private and personal setting.

I know how hard healing the trauma caused by sexual violence can be. I also know how isolating it can feel when you're trying to balance feeling like you are alone with finding out who you can and can't trust. You don't have to do it alone. Working with me one-to-one, I'll be your side every step of the way, helping you become the woman you want to be.


Healing From Sexual Violence trauma is the most worthwhile work you will ever do. 

What You Can Expect From Me

When you choose to work with me, you get a woman who knows what it takes and what it feels like to take this journey. 


My aim is simple, to give you access to everything I know about sexual violence trauma and support you to face the impact sexual violence had on you and the knowledge and experience to overcome it.   


Many women choose to work 1:1 with me as they need a more personal relationship when facing sexual violence trauma. That is why my 1:1 mentoring holds space for you as an individual; I will always be led by you and encourage you to take agency for yourself.


In my experience, every woman's healing journey is different, and my clients always come to me at various stages of that journey. Some women choose to work with me because their rage is taking over; others want to form better relationships with their parents, partners, or children affected by sexual violence trauma. For some, the sadness feels too immense to face on their own. I am here to meet you as you are right now. To help you move forward from there in a way that makes sense to you and is wholly focused on what YOU want and need. 


Due to the individualised nature of 1:1 mentoring, I can't tell you precisely what our sessions will cover. This is about encouraging and supporting you to reclaim and rebuild YOURSELF. What I can say to you, though, is that I will always be led by you, and I will do everything I can to support you to achieve the outcome you want. 

How It Works

The 1:1 Mentoring Programme lasts for 3 months, with the opportunity to extend that time if you wish. We start our time together by getting to know one another, finding out where you are emotionally, what support you need and finding out what you hope to achieve concerning your healing during our time together. This will help us build a programme to help you get there. 


Then you'll get


  • Fortnightly 1-hour zoom calls

  • Text Support (at our discretion) 

  • Plus Some Bonuses


Where appropriate, I will share modules of Healing School to support your healing. 


Your Investment

The investment for this programme is £1500.00 (for 3 months). A payment plan is available.


A Bit About Me

Since disclosing, I have been obsessed with all things related to the trauma caused by sexual violence. I am spurred on by seeing how many victims and survivors' experiences are belittled and downplayed. I dislike with a passion how women, who had been subjected to the worst of survivable crimes, are being expected to carry on as if they have no thoughts and feelings about what happened. It isn't right that women

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deny how they feel; it isn't right that women feel like they have to pretend. Over and over again, I saw women and girls being told that they were depressed, anxious, too much, not enough, unpredictable, unreliable or had to pull themselves together. When the real reason - sexual violence - was not being acknowledged. I see women blaming themselves for feeling angry, crying all the time, feeling like they're not good enough no matter what they do and trying to work around self-esteem, time management, people-pleasing when the real issue is undiagnosed trauma caused by sexual violence. It's not women who are wrong; it's not how women are expressing or experiencing their thoughts and feelings that are wrong. What is wrong is that the trauma caused by sexual violence is not recognised by our friends, family, GP's, the Police, our communities, judicial systems, HR departments, or educational systems.  


It was then that it became my passion to CHANGE THE WORLD and right these wrongs. 


I work with my clients to make sure they understand the complexities of sexual violence trauma, that they have the tools to help them through overwhelm, triggers and flashbacks, that they understand how their nervous system has changed as a result of what happened and how to mend it. I help my clients create a life for themselves that feels safe, and then I take it one step further by encouraging them to flourish. It's a beautiful journey and one that I am always humbled to be trusted and chosen for. 



Due to the nature of 1:1 mentoring, I only work with 4 clients at a time. As a result, it is essential to me that I work with women who are ready to make healing their priority. 


You can book a free call with me to see if this is the next step for you. 

How Others Have Benefited From Working With Me

Names have been omitted from testimonials to respect clients confidentiality.

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