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Pose at Protest

The following resources are free. I hope they help. They are created as a result of reflecting on what would of helped me and after listening to hundreds of women and what they want and need to help them.  I update this page regularly so make sure you're getting everything you need by signing up to my email list or checking back in every so often. 

  • Fully Funded Workshops - How to Feel Like Yourself Again After Sexual Violence.  Discover the 5 must-take steps towards healing so you can finally stop blaming yourself and start to feel confident and free again.

  • The  Four Stages of Overwhelm -  This tool is for women who are impacted by overwhelm, unhealthy coping strategies, rage, fear and shutdown. It is designed to help you understand your feelings, untangle yourself from your triggers and make overwhelm easier to experience. It will help you cope with the impact of triggers, kind of like your own personalised anchor for when the storms hit.  It comes in the form of an instant download, so just follow the link, pop in your details and the tool is yours. 

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