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Reluctant Heroines healing school is a 12-month course with your healing at the heart. Unlike most national rape services, I do not believe in waiting lists. I believe you want and deserve your healing NOW, so as soon as you enrol you will have instant access. 


Your signature 12-month online course includes 24-hour access to course material, live workshops, in-depth live lessons,  a community of women to support and understand you, access to our sharing circle and hot seat coaching sessions. 

If you're ready to join the Reluctant Heroines Healing School it would be lovely to hear from you. 

Reluctant Heroines Healing School is a space for women who want to heal from rape and sexual abuse. It is a trauma-informed and survivor-led growing community that knows and understands what it feels like and takes to heal.

I take the guessing and not knowing out of sexual violence recovery. With love, kindness, support, experience and theory, Reluctant Heroines will teach you EVERYTHING you need to rebuild your life and heal yourself. 

Reluctant Heroines Healing School is the school you should have been enrolled on when you first disclosed you had been raped.

Healing School will give you everything you wished your doctor, the police, your therapist, your friends, your family, your community and our society should have given you but didn't. 

Healing from sexual violence isn’t easy, but living without healing is harder. 

Healing from sexual violence is the most worthwhile work you will ever do.

 Healing School