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 Healing School

Oh my goodness huney, you've arrived!!!
Look at you taking the steps needed to reclaim your-self and your-life after what happened.

We can do this darling. YOU can do this darling.....and I say that knowing, in my bone marrow, that this journey is no easy feat. 
You don't have to guess anymore and you don't have to do it on your own either, BUT YOU CAN HEAL AND YOU CAN REBUILD YOUR LIFE....... it's true!.
Are you ready? so you've got three choices and the choice will always and forever from this point forward BE YOURS.


The Choices Are

Jump Straight In and Join Healing School

You can jump straight in and join Healing School by hitting the button below which will take you directly to the enrollment page. The price is currently £777.00, all the sevens, it's good right. This price is for the first 10 founding members only so if you're reading this you will be one of the founding members. It will be doubling, without doubt, THATS how confident I am in what I am offering, and if you know me, you know I deliver.


Now I know some of you are going to look at the price and think that it is too much. I get it, I really effing do but let me tell you something though,

  • private healthcare for sexual violence victims starts at £550 for half a day and they recommend 16 weeks of care.

  • Specialists (who do not come at it through the lens of Sexual Violence) offer month-long courses in just one subject, like rage for example. They charge £300 for a month.

  • Some (not all, this isn't a nationwide standardised practice) rape crisis centres offer a seven-week courses for free. Yes they are free but they are funded as a charity, the people employed by rape crisis are paid for their work and the course lasts just seven weeks. In my experience, healing takes more than seven weeks and those helping with healing need to pay their bills, me included.


Think about these things before you decided that Healing School is too expensive for you. What I would ask you is that you think about what blockers you put in front of your healing, don't let money be one of them. Honestly, from someone who has known poverty, it's not worth it. Your healing in my humble opinion is worth more than money and you are owed this! If you can take it, its yours x

Book a Call With Me

You can arrange a 20-30 minute chat with me to answer any and all questions you may have in regards to Healing School. If that's what you'd like to do then click the button underneath and it'll take you to the booking form. Remember this chat is informal, I am open to most questions and I promise to be kind and open with you. As a side note, please honour this call by taking it seriously enough to turn up. Please don't book it under a whim and leave me hanging.  I am open to rescheduling but my boundary is that I do not like to be taken for granted. I will be there, and in monetary terms, this is not going to cost you a penny. However, please make sure you attend or make the time to cancel or reschedule. I take your time and my time seriously and I expect to be treated with the same honour. 

Take Some More Time To Think About It

If you're still a little unsure, then darling, I understand. I, for one, don't like to make decisions unless I know everything I can about something, and then I still need and want time to let it settle in my mind and see how I feel about it after a good sleep and a decent meal. Maybe you're not in the right space and time right now, and that too is okay. Remember, I am not pushing or pulling you to do anything. But don't feel alone. You can still sign up for the Reluctant Heroines email list, and we can stay in touch that way, or you can decide that absolutely not, none of this is for me.....yet... and exit yourself from this website. Like I said at the beginning, the choice will always and forever from this point forward will always be yours. 

I understand that by submitting my details, I will receive emails relating to Reluctant Heroines products and services, and I can unsubscribe at any time.

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