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Reluctant Heroines

Coaching and Mentoring Victims and Survivors of Sexual Violence 

The Feelings

Hey Sweetie, I'm guessing if you've come this far something about what I'm saying is resonating with you. In a way that's good and bad. It means I know where you're coming from and it probably means that you've experienced some pretty horrific sh*!. 

This means I've probably got a good insight into how your feeling right now, my poor sweet darling. 

I'm not going to dig deep into this space but it is important to give voice to and understand. So let me just ask you a few questions. Do you feel trapped, lost and deeply unhappy? Are you wondering if this is as good as recovery from sexual violence is, not being able to set foot outside your front door, constantly feeling on edge, burning out just coping with everyday life and feeling so desperately unworthy? Do your nerves feel shot to pieces and are you having nightmares?


As I'm writing this and remembering what it feels like I can feel your pain too.


So where do we go from here?


How do we take this absolute worst of survivable crimes and the trauma it inflicts and turn it into a life that you freakin love?. The kind of life that you can't wait to get out of bed for after a restful and rejuvenating full nights sleep!?!?

That's where I come in, click find out more to see how I can help you. It's okay, you're safe x


"So, where do we go from here?"
Leanna Larkin -Creative Founder
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